Google Pixel 5 Price & Specs in India

Google Pixel 5 Price & Specs in India

The Google Pixel 5 is priced at around INR 55,000 in India. It features a 6-inch OLED display and Snapdragon 765G processor.

The Google Pixel 5 offers a blend of performance and style. It comes with a 6-inch OLED display, providing vibrant colors and sharp visuals. The Snapdragon 765G processor ensures smooth performance for both everyday tasks and gaming. The phone supports 5G connectivity, offering faster internet speeds.

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With a 4080 mAh battery, it delivers reliable battery life for all-day use. The dual-camera system, featuring a 12. 2 MP main sensor and a 16 MP ultra-wide sensor, captures stunning photos. The Pixel 5 also boasts an 8 MP front camera for clear selfies. Its sleek design and robust features make it a compelling choice.

Introduction To Google Pixel 5

Discover the Google Pixel 5, a smartphone offering top-notch specs and an attractive price in India. Enjoy seamless performance and cutting-edge features with this innovative device.

The Arrival Of Pixel 5 In India

The Google Pixel 5 launched in India with much excitement. Fans of Google devices eagerly awaited its arrival. The phone comes with a 6-inch display and Snapdragon 765G processor. It includes 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The Pixel 5 is also known for its excellent camera capabilities. It features a 12.2 MP rear camera and a 16 MP ultra-wide lens. The battery life is impressive with a 4080 mAh capacity. Google has also included wireless charging and reverse wireless charging features.

Google’s Position In The Indian Market

Google has a unique position in the Indian smartphone market. The brand is known for its clean Android experience. Many users prefer Google phones for their software updates. The Pixel 5 aims to capture the premium segment. Competing with brands like Samsung and OnePlus is challenging. Google’s reputation for camera quality gives it an edge. The company focuses on delivering value and performance. Indian consumers value these attributes highly.

Google Pixel 5 Price And Specs in India


Specifications Of Google Pixel 5

The Google Pixel 5 has a sleek and modern design. It is made of recycled aluminum. This makes it both lightweight and durable. The phone has a 6-inch OLED display. The thin bezels offer a larger screen-to-body ratio. The IP68 rating ensures it is water and dust resistant. The soft-touch back provides a comfortable grip.

The phone runs on Android 11. It offers a clean and smooth user interface. The Google Assistant is deeply integrated. This allows for voice commands and smart suggestions. The Pixel-exclusive features enhance the overall experience. Regular software updates keep the phone secure and up-to-date.

Display Specifications

The Google Pixel 5 features a 6-inch OLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels. Enjoy vivid colors and sharp images, perfect for media consumption.

Screen Size And Resolution

The Google Pixel 5 features a 6-inch OLED display. The resolution is 2340 x 1080 pixels. This ensures sharp and clear visuals. The screen supports HDR10+ for vibrant colors.

Technology And Protection

The display uses Corning Gorilla Glass 6. This adds extra protection against scratches and drops. The refresh rate is 90Hz for smooth scrolling. It also has Always-on Display technology.

Google Pixel 5 Price And Specs in India


Hardware Under The Hood

Discover the Google Pixel 5 in India, featuring a Snapdragon 765G processor, 8GB RAM, and a 12. 2 MP camera. Priced at approximately ₹55,000, it offers cutting-edge performance and seamless user experience.

Processor And Performance

The Google Pixel 5 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor. This ensures smooth performance for everyday tasks. It supports 5G connectivity, which means faster internet speeds. The Adreno 620 GPU handles gaming and graphics. This makes the Pixel 5 suitable for mobile gamers. It also supports AI features for better efficiency.

Ram And Storage Options

The Pixel 5 comes with 8GB of RAM. This allows for seamless multitasking. Apps load quickly and run smoothly. The phone offers 128GB of internal storage. This is ample space for most users. There is no option for expandable storage, so users rely on cloud services. This makes data management easier.

Camera Capabilities

Google Pixel 5 features impressive camera capabilities with a 12. 2 MP dual-pixel and 16 MP ultrawide lens. Priced competitively in India, it offers excellent photo quality and advanced photography features.

Rear Camera Setup

The Google Pixel 5 has a dual rear camera setup. It includes a 12.2 MP main sensor and a 16 MP ultra-wide sensor. The main sensor captures sharp and detailed photos. The ultra-wide sensor is perfect for landscape shots. Both sensors work together for great photo quality. The camera setup also supports 4K video recording.

Front-facing Camera And Features

The front-facing camera has an 8 MP sensor. It ensures clear and vibrant selfies. The camera supports HDR+ for better quality. It also features Night Sight for low-light conditions. Portrait mode is available for selfies with a blurred background. The camera can record 1080p videos.

Google Pixel 5 Price And Specs in India


Battery Life And Charging

The Google Pixel 5 has a 4,080mAh battery. This is a good size for a smartphone. It helps the phone last a long time. You can use the phone all day without charging.

The phone supports 18W fast charging. It charges quickly, which is very convenient. It also has wireless charging support. You can charge it without plugging in a cable. This feature is very handy.

Connectivity And Network

Google Pixel 5 in India offers seamless connectivity with 5G support and Wi-Fi 6 capabilities. Priced competitively, it features a Snapdragon 765G processor and 8GB RAM.

5g Support And Wi-fi

The Google Pixel 5 supports 5G technology. This ensures faster internet speeds. It also supports dual-band Wi-Fi. This helps in better connectivity and performance. The phone can connect to both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. This makes it versatile for different networks.

Bluetooth And Gps

The Pixel 5 comes with Bluetooth 5.0. This provides a stable connection for wireless devices. The phone also has GPS support. This ensures accurate location tracking. It helps in navigation and other location-based services. The device also supports NFC for contactless payments.

Price Point In India

Google Pixel 5 in India offers impressive specs at a competitive price point. Featuring a 6-inch OLED display and Snapdragon 765G processor, it provides excellent value.

Comparative Market Analysis

The Google Pixel 5 costs around INR 55,000 in India. This price is similar to other flagship phones. The iPhone 12 costs about INR 70,000. The Samsung Galaxy S20 costs around INR 60,000. Compared to these, the Pixel 5 is cheaper.

Value For Money Assessment

The Google Pixel 5 offers great value. It has a 6-inch display and a Snapdragon 765G processor. The phone also features a dual-camera setup. Its battery life is excellent, lasting up to 24 hours on a single charge. Many users find it to be a good deal.

Availability And Purchase Options

The Google Pixel 5 is available on major online platforms. Amazon and Flipkart offer it with discounts. Other online stores may also stock it. Always check for the best price.

Many physical stores sell the Google Pixel 5. Visit Croma or Reliance Digital for a hands-on experience. Local mobile shops may also have it. Confirm availability before visiting.

Warranty And Customer Support

The Google Pixel 5 comes with a one-year warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects. Physical damage is not included in this warranty.

Google offers excellent after-sales service for the Pixel 5. You can visit any authorized service center for repairs. They provide quick and reliable customer support.

Final Thoughts

Google Pixel 5 offers excellent value with its competitive price and impressive specs in India. A solid choice for tech enthusiasts.

Pros And Cons

The Google Pixel 5 has many great features. It has a brilliant display and a fast processor. The camera quality is excellent. It takes clear photos even in low light. The phone is also water-resistant. Battery life is impressive, lasting a full day.

There are a few drawbacks. The Pixel 5 is more expensive than some other phones. It does not have a headphone jack. Storage options are limited to 128GB. Some users may find the design too simple. The phone also lacks a telephoto lens.

The Verdict

The Google Pixel 5 is a solid choice. It offers great performance and camera quality. The price might be high for some. But the features make it worth considering. Ideal for those who want a reliable and efficient phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Use Google Pixel 5 In India?

Yes, you can use Google Pixel 5 in India. Ensure it supports the necessary LTE bands for your carrier.

What Is The Price Of Pixel 5 Pro In India?

The price of Pixel 5 Pro in India is approximately ₹79,999. Prices may vary based on retailers and offers.

Is Google Pixel 5 4g Or 5g?

The Google Pixel 5 supports 5G connectivity. It offers faster internet speeds and improved network performance over 4G.

Is Pixel 5 A Dual Sim Phone?

Yes, the Pixel 5 is a dual SIM phone. It supports one physical SIM and one eSIM, offering flexibility.


The Google Pixel 5 offers impressive features at a competitive price in India. Its sleek design, powerful performance, and excellent camera make it a strong contender. For those seeking a reliable and efficient smartphone, the Pixel 5 stands out. Explore the Google Pixel 5 to enjoy a premium experience without breaking the bank.

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