Iphone 14 Pro Price in India

iPhone 14 Pro Price in India: Unveiling the Cost!

The iPhone 14 Pro price in India starts at ₹1,29,900 for the base model. Higher storage variants cost more.

The iPhone 14 Pro has generated a lot of excitement among tech enthusiasts in India. With its advanced features and sleek design, it continues to set new standards in smartphone technology. The device offers improved performance, a superior camera system, and enhanced battery life.

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Its A16 Bionic chip ensures fast and efficient operation, making multitasking a breeze. The display is another highlight, featuring ProMotion technology for a smoother visual experience. This latest release from Apple is available through various online and offline retailers, making it accessible to a wide audience. The iPhone 14 Pro combines innovation with reliability, appealing to both existing Apple users and new customers.

The Launch Of Iphone 14 Pro In India

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the iPhone 14 Pro. This new model promises many exciting features. People are excited about the camera upgrades and the faster processor. Everyone wants to know the exact price in India. Stores are preparing for a huge demand.

The iPhone 14 Pro was launched with much fanfare. Early reviews praise its sleek design and improved battery life. Many users are happy with the smooth performance. The display quality is also a major highlight. The phone is available in multiple colors, making it stylish.

iPhone 14 Pro Price in India

The iPhone 14 Pro base model starts at a price of ₹1,19,900 in India. This includes all the standard features expected. Taxes are added to the base price. Customers can choose from different colors. No extra cost for color choices. Easy financing options are available from Apple and other retailers.

VariantStoragePrice (INR)
Base Model128 GB₹1,19,900
Mid Variant256 GB₹1,29,900
High Variant512 GB₹1,49,900
Top Variant1 TB₹1,69,900

Design And Features

The iPhone 14 Pro has a stunning display. The screen has vibrant colors. It also offers a high refresh rate. This makes scrolling super smooth. The brightness is top-notch. It works well even in sunlight. The display is also very sharp. This helps in seeing tiny details clearly.

The camera on iPhone 14 Pro is amazing. It has more megapixels. This means better pictures. Night mode is much improved. Photos in low light look bright. The video quality is excellent. You can even shoot in 4K. The new lens captures more detail. This makes your photos look professional.

Iphone 14 Pro Price in India

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Market Response To Pricing

The iPhone 14 Pro has received mixed reviews. Some consumers feel the price is too high. Others believe the features justify the cost. Many people appreciate the improved camera. The battery life is a big plus for users. The display quality has impressed many buyers. Some users find the new design appealing. There are complaints about the lack of a headphone jack.

MonthUnits SoldRevenue (in INR)

Comparative Analysis With Global Prices

The iPhone 14 Pro has different prices in various countries. Taxes and import duties in India are high. This increases the overall cost. Local currency fluctuations also impact the price. Logistics and distribution costs add to the final price. Apple’s pricing strategy varies by region. Warranty and support services can differ too.

CountryPrice (in USD)

Affordability Factor For Indian Buyers

Many banks offer financing options for the iPhone 14 Pro. You can choose EMI plans to pay in small amounts. This makes it easier to buy the phone. EMI plans usually have low interest rates. Some banks even offer zero interest EMI. You can check different banks for the best options. Many stores also provide their own EMI plans. You don’t need to pay the full amount at once. This helps in managing your budget better.

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The iPhone 14 Pro offers many advanced features. It has a powerful processor and high-quality camera. The phone’s build quality is excellent. You get good value for the price. Comparing it with other phones, the iPhone 14 Pro stands out. Its performance is top-notch. Many users find it worth the investment. The resale value of iPhones is also high. This adds to its overall value.

Impact Of Taxes And Duties On Price

Government levies significantly affect the price of the iPhone 14 Pro. Taxes and duties increase the final cost. This makes the phone more expensive for consumers. High taxes are a burden on the buyers. They must pay more compared to other countries. This also affects the sales numbers. Fewer people can afford it.

Tax TypeRateImpact on Price
Import Duty20%Increases base cost significantly
GST18%Further raises the final price

Import duties and GST together make the iPhone 14 Pro more costly. Consumers feel the pinch due to these charges. The final price becomes very high.

Alternatives To Iphone 14 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra offers similar features. It has an amazing camera and sleek design. OnePlus 10 Pro is another great choice. It has a fast processor and a beautiful display. Google Pixel 6 Pro is known for its excellent camera quality. It also has a clean Android experience. Each of these phones provides great value.

The iPhone 13 is a great alternative. It offers many features at a lower price. The iPhone 12 is also a solid choice. It is still powerful and reliable. The iPhone SE is the most affordable option. It has the same processor as the iPhone 11. These models are budget-friendly and offer good performance.

Future Predictions And Price Trends

The iPhone 14 Pro price may change soon. New models often cause older ones to drop in price. Festive seasons in India can also affect prices. Discounts during these times are common. Exchange offers might lower the cost too. Stay alert for sudden price drops.

The resale value of the iPhone 14 Pro is important. Apple products usually hold their value well. Condition of the phone affects the price greatly. Older models might see a bigger drop in value. Keep the phone in good shape for a better resale price.

Iphone 14 Pro Price in India: Unveiling the Cost!

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Iphone 14 Pro Price in India: Unveiling the Cost!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Price Of The Apple Iphone 14 Pro In India?

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro starts at ₹1,29,900 in India. Prices may vary based on storage options. Check official Apple website for details.

Why Is Iphone 14 Pro Costly In India?

The iPhone 14 Pro is costly in India due to high import duties, taxes, and currency exchange rates. Limited local manufacturing also increases costs.

What Is The Price Of Iphone 14 Pro In India Including Tax?

The price of the iPhone 14 Pro in India, including tax, starts at ₹1,29,900. Prices may vary based on storage options.

How Much Is Iphone 14 Pro Max In India Currency?

The price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in India starts at around ₹1,39,900. Prices may vary by storage options.


The iPhone 14 Pro offers advanced features and exceptional performance. Its price in India reflects its premium quality. Consider your budget and needs before purchasing. Stay updated on offers and discounts to get the best deal. Explore the iPhone 14 Pro today for a cutting-edge smartphone experience.

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