Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Price & Specs in India

Samsung Galaxy M55 5G, with its noteworthy specifications, was introduced in India on 28th March 2024, starting at a price of ₹26,999 for the 128GB storage and 8GB RAM variant, marking a significant addition to the Galaxy M series. This launch comes ahead of the anticipated release of both the Samsung Galaxy M55 5G and the Samsung Galaxy M15 5G, set to further expand Samsung’s 5G offerings in India on April 8, 2024. The smartphone has already garnered attention for its performance, receiving a score of 7/10 from HT Tech in its review.

Samsung Galaxy M55 5G

The focus of this article will be on delving into the comprehensive Samsung Galaxy M55 5G specifications, examining its design and build quality, display capabilities, camera features, performance and software, as well as its battery life and charging standards. By exploring these aspects, we aim to provide a thorough overview of what the Samsung Galaxy M55 5G has to offer to its potential users in India.

Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Design and Build Quality

The Samsung Galaxy M55 5G showcases a sleek design that combines both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Here’s a detailed look at its design and build quality:

Matte Finish and Durability

  • Surface Texture: The device is designed with a matte finish over a plastic layer on the back, which effectively prevents fingerprints and smudges, maintaining a clean and sleek appearance.
  • Color Options: It is available in Denim Black and Light Green colors, providing options that cater to different user preferences.

Design Features and Dimensions

  • Camera Setup: It features a triple camera setup on the back, consisting of a 50MP main sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera, and a 2MP macro camera. This setup is encased in three individual camera rings, reminiscent of the flagship S24 Series, which adds a touch of sophistication to its design.
  • Ergonomics: The device has curved edges and weighs 188g, making it comfortable to hold and use. This design choice enhances user experience by ensuring the phone fits snugly in the hand.

Security and Additional Features

  • Security: For enhanced security, the Samsung Galaxy M55 5G includes a Fingerprint Sensor, ensuring secure access to the device.
  • Advanced Features: The phone supports Voice Focus+ for clear voice calls and Quick Share for easy file sharing, adding to its utility and making it a versatile choice for users.

Dimensions and Weight

Through these features, the Samsung Galaxy M55 5G not only stands out in terms of design but also offers functionality that enhances user interaction and security.

Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Display

The Samsung Galaxy M55 5G boasts an impressive display that enhances the visual experience for its users. Here are the key specifications and features of the display:

Display Specifications

  • Screen Size and Type: The device features a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, known for its vibrant colors and deep blacks.
  • Resolution: Offers a Full HD+ resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, providing sharp and clear visuals.
  • Refresh Rate: A high 120 Hz refresh rate ensures smooth scrolling and responsive touch interactions, making it ideal for gaming and browsing.

Advanced Display Features

  • Brightness: Capable of reaching up to 1000 nits, the display ensures excellent visibility even under direct sunlight, enhancing outdoor use.
  • Always-On Display: Includes an always-on feature that allows users to view important notifications and time without waking the phone, saving battery life.
  • Bezel-less Design with Punch-Hole: Features a modern bezel-less design with a punch-hole camera, maximizing screen real estate with a screen-to-body ratio of 86.44%.

Visual Quality and Enhancements

  • Pixel Density and Aspect Ratio: The display boasts a pixel density of 393 ppi and an aspect ratio of 19.5:9, which contributes to the overall sharpness and dimensions of the visuals.
  • Infinity O Display: The Infinity O display design enhances the immersive experience by minimizing distractions and maximizing viewable content.

This array of features makes the Samsung Galaxy M55 5G’s display not only functional but also a significant factor in providing an exceptional user experience.

Samsung Galaxy M55 5G Camera

Rear Camera Setup

  1. Primary Camera Features: The Samsung Galaxy M55 5G is equipped with a 50MP primary camera that supports Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), ensuring sharp images with good exposure to highlights and ample detailing. Although color accuracy may not be ideal, the results are visually pleasing.
  2. Ultra-wide Lens: The 8MP ultra-wide camera performs well in well-lit conditions, capturing a broad field of view. However, slight warping at the edges and less vibrant colors compared to the primary camera are noted.
  3. Macro Camera: For close-up photography, the 2MP macro camera is available, though it captures less detailed images.

Front Camera Capabilities

  • The device boasts a 50MP front camera that produces selfies with impressive detail. The camera tends to slightly enhance brightness on faces, providing a generally flattering output.

Low Light and Night Photography

Video Recording Proficiency

  • The smartphone supports video recording in various resolutions, offering 4K video at 30 frames per second and Full HD (1080p) at both 30 and 60 frames per second. This capability extends to both front and rear cameras, allowing flexibility in video capture.

Comprehensive Camera Overview

  • Overall, the Samsung Galaxy M55 5G houses a versatile triple-camera module on the rear, comprising a 50MP main camera with f/1.8 aperture and OIS, an 8MP ultra-wide angle camera, and a 2MP macro camera. This setup is complemented by a 50MP front camera, ensuring robust photography and videography options for users.

Performance and Software

Processor and Performance

The heart of the Samsung Galaxy M55 5G is its Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 SoC, which delivers reliable performance for both everyday tasks and demanding applications. Users can enjoy smooth gaming and efficient multitasking, thanks to the advanced octa-core processor and Adreno 644 GPU.

RAM and Storage Options

  • Variants: The phone is available in multiple configurations to suit various needs, including 8GB RAM with 128GB storage, 8GB RAM with 256GB storage, and a high-end option of 12GB RAM with 256GB storage.
  • Expandability: For those needing more space, the storage can be expanded up to 1TB using a microSD card, which occupies the secondary SIM slot.

Software and Updates

  • Operating System: Running on Android 14, the device offers a fresh and responsive user interface through Samsung’s One UI 6.1.
  • Long-Term Support: Samsung guarantees four years of major Android OS updates and an additional year of security updates, ensuring the device stays current and secure until at least 2029.

Benchmark Performance

  • AnTuTu Score: The Galaxy M55 5G has achieved a score of 584,312 on AnTuTu, indicating strong overall performance.
  • Geekbench Scores: It scores 1,020 in single-core and 2,529 in multi-core tests, demonstrating its capability to handle complex processing tasks efficiently.

Gaming and Multimedia

  • Gaming Capabilities: The device handles graphically demanding games like BGMI and Real Racing 3 at moderate settings without compromise, providing a satisfactory gaming experience.
  • Multimedia Performance: Equipped with powerful components, the smartphone supports high-quality video experiences, making it a great choice for media consumption.

Connectivity Features

  • Network Support: Offers 5G connectivity with support from major carriers like Airtel and Reliance Jio, ensuring high-speed internet access across India.
  • Additional Connectivity: Includes NFC for contactless payments via Samsung Pay, and a Type-C port for fast data transfer and charging.

This combination of powerful hardware, extensive software support, and versatile connectivity options makes the Samsung Galaxy M55 5G a compelling choice for users looking for a robust performance in a mid-range smartphone.

Battery and Charging

The Samsung Galaxy M55 5G is equipped with a robust 5,000mAh battery, ensuring it can comfortably last more than a day under modest usage conditions. This substantial capacity is complemented by advanced 45W fast charging technology, which significantly reduces the time needed to recharge the battery fully.

Battery Specifications and Charging Features

  • Battery Capacity: 5,000mAh non-removable battery, designed to provide extended usage times.
  • Charging Capability: Supports 45W fast charging, allowing for a quick power boost.

Detailed Charging Performance

  1. Full Charge Time: The device takes almost 50 minutes to get fully charged with the 45W charger, making it highly efficient for rapid charging.
  2. Battery Endurance Test: In a rigorous PC Mark battery test, the Galaxy M55 scored 12 hours and 58 minutes, showcasing its ability to handle intensive usage without frequent recharges.

Additional Charging Insights

  • Charger Inclusion: It’s important to note that the 45W charger is not included in the box and must be purchased separately, which could be an additional cost for users.
  • Charging Speed Comparison: In tests, the Galaxy M55 demonstrated superior charging speed, taking only 64 minutes to charge from 20% to 100%.

This combination of a large battery capacity and rapid charging capability ensures that users can rely on their device for long periods, enhancing the overall user experience with the Samsung Galaxy M55 5G.


The Samsung Galaxy M55 5G emerges as a significant contender in the mid-range smartphone market in India, combining sleek design, impressive display capabilities, and robust performance under one roof. With its comprehensive array of features, from the triple camera setup producing admirable photography outcomes to the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 SoC ensuring smooth multitasking and gaming experiences, the device is designed to meet the diverse needs of its users. Moreover, the addition of a long-lasting battery complemented by 45W fast charging technology underscores Samsung’s commitment to providing a high-value proposition for its customers.

As the technological landscape continues to evolve, the Galaxy M55 5G sets a benchmark for what consumers can anticipate from mid-range offerings. Its provision of four years of major Android OS updates promises longevity, making it a smart investment for those seeking reliability and performance. For individuals already looking ahead to future innovations, staying informed of upcoming releases such as the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will ensure you remain at the forefront of mobile technology advancements. Ultimately, the Samsung Galaxy M55 5G stands as a testament to Samsung’s ability to meld advanced features with affordability, positioning it as an attractive option for tech enthusiasts and everyday users alike.


What are the dimensions and weight of the Samsung Galaxy M55 5G?
The Samsung Galaxy M55 5G is designed to accommodate dual-SIM usage with both slots accepting Nano-SIM cards. The device’s dimensions are 163.90 mm in height, 76.50 mm in width, and 7.80 mm in thickness. It has a weight of 180.00 grams.

What is the charging capacity of the Samsung Galaxy M55’s charger?
The Samsung Galaxy M55 is equipped with a 45W super-fast charger, enabling quick recharging of its substantial 5000mAh battery. This allows you to swiftly return to your tasks or entertainment.

How does the Samsung Galaxy M55 5G perform on the AnTuTu benchmark?
The Samsung Galaxy M55 5G with a 256GB storage variant has achieved an impressive AnTuTu benchmark score of 584,312. This score is broken down into several components, with the device scoring 170,921 for CPU performance, 118,937 for Memory, 171,072 for GPU, and 123,382 for the UX test.

What is the cost of the Samsung Galaxy M55 5G with 128GB storage and 8GB RAM?
The question regarding the price of the Samsung Galaxy M55 5G with 128GB storage and 8GB RAM is incomplete. Please refer to the latest market listings or the official Samsung website for the most current pricing information.

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